All circular saw blades while working get wearing off problems of cutting teeth .

In both cases of HSS and CR-V blades after their normal usage can be easily re-sharpened by using suitable CNC re-sharpening machines using CBN

grinding wheels .

Blades can be re-sharpened many times . How many times is strictly linked with the quality of the machine and the grinding CBN wheels used .

L.B.Sidertech Srl is working ONLY with Italian market leader .

Circular saw blades with tungsten carbide teeth TCT  last longer  than conventional HSS and Cr-V ( till  6 or 8 times  ) .

Normally these blades TCT are not reusable blades , but if teeth are wear off but still entire they can be re-sharpened by using special small grinding

wheels CBN .

L.B.SIDERTECH is a commercial partner of an historical italian brand BUSINARO internationally known for the quality of its CNC machines . 

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