Grinding knives and blades

L.B.Sidertech Srl , is the sole official distributor in Italy and North Africa of German BERGER GROUP GmbH .

This company is operative since far 1957 . It has created a working style in our market , invented new technologies becoming a name recognized worldwide as synonymous of quality , reliability and solutions for whatever kind of problems inherent to our market's jobs .

This company is the worldwide leading company in the production of machines to work knives , scissors and more in general blades .

Berger machines cover a wide range of jobs in the manufacturing process of knives from rough grinding till polishing and finishing .

Our systems are integrated and modular and can be all robotized .

They are all ready do comply with the European project of  HMI = Human Machine Interface ( INDUSTRY 4.0 ) .

Since 70 years Berger is at the top of the technology and leading this market where all main worldwide  knives manufacturer are using our systems , featured by an extreme precision , extremely high reliability and long lasting parts .

We are now developing robotized re-sharpening systems for knives .

So that we approach now also this new service market after the manufacturing .

Berger Group is composed by a number of other companies that the family  Berger acquired during the years .

Now the offer is really integrated by other branches such as :

Heinz Berger Maschinenfrabrik = the main mother companay for grinding machines for blades

 = for 60 years one of the leading company in polishoing , deburring , grinding  pots and table tools and all custom made parts .

Nell Jr =specialized in grinding and micro-grinding and sharpening of razor blades and surgical tools  and many other parts .

Werner Peters = for 30 years one of the leading company  for grinding , deburring , polishing and sharpening of  razor blades .

Julius = this company has been an epoch making company in the strip edge preparation for different applications . They are the leaduing in strip preparation for Tube Laser welding .

LP- Lachet + Partner = specializzata nel settore delle macchine per generazione di profili nel settore dell'utensileria .  

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