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About us

L.B. Sidertech Srl it is the synthesis of 30 years of experiences done by his founder Luca Briganti, firstly working for a Japanese multinational company Hitachi Metals Europe GmbH and later from 1994 for a small Italian trading company USM Mazzucchelli Srl which got a tremendous growth till becoming one of the worldwide leading company in sales of consumables for tube industry .

L.B. Sidertech has been established in 2009 and it was working in symbiosis with that trading company fulfilling their range of products.

We focused mostly in the development of products, machineries and technologies for different areas of application but mostly in siderurgical area. From it our company name.

The initials from L.uca B.riganti , Iron and Steel ( in Italian Siderurgiche )  industry the best Technologies hence L.B. Sidertech Srl.

Starting from 2016 L.B. Sidertech Srl stopped the relationship with the trading company after more than 23 years and it is now fully independent.

A new partnership born with a leading company in the field of inductive heat treatment and induction high frequency welding generators for tube industry.

We created a TUBE DIVISION , synergy gave great results but in 2018 we decided to quit and continue developing our companies separately .

L.B. Sidertech with its International partners can offer the worldwide wider range of products and machineries for the entire chain of production and transformation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

From Steel Works, where we can supply CRM cylinders HI20 Sendzimir and smaller machines ,  slitting knives and flattening rolls for coils .

Throughout Service Centres, where we supply all consumables for longitudinal cut to length of coils slitting machines and sheets, flattening rolls, steel edge preparation machines and many others.

Till the End Users who transform coils in Welded electro welded Tubes, we can offer the wider range of consumables as well as all kind of machineries such as High Frequency welding machines.

It is our main task to offer a continuous pro-active consultancy service to all our customers, we aim to be considered not as a mere supplier but to be considered as a PARTNER SUPPLIER for our mutual benefit.
L.B. Sidertech S.r.l. - Viale Cesare Battisti 42/A, 20854 Vedano al Lambro (MB) - Italia | 0039-039-2287628 and 492217 - 0039 039 2287628 | VAT - P.IVA IT 06602120963