Filtration water / oil emulsion

L.b.sidertech is a commercial partner of an historical italian brand leading the international market , cosema  

Correct and efficient filtrating of emulsion is often non properly taken into right account from tube makers .

Maybe it is not correctly considered what, a bad filtration of the emulsion as per decanting baths can bring to the tube mil :

  • Lubricating emulsionable oil's putrescence often bring mycosis for the worker's skin
  • Extra periodical decantation bath cleaning
  • Extra wearing off of forming rolls due to friction of abrasive calamine contained into emulsion
  • Excessive consumption of bearings of roll's shafts into the tube mill
  • Unsafe gliding working environment
  • Very dirty tube surface , this is under the commercial point of view
  • Excessive consumption of emulsionable oil
  • Weak cooling of impeders due to stop water flow by calamine bringing line stops and scarps due to impeder replacing
  • Etc

The return of the investment is very short if we consider all the above hidden costs .

We are not famous to be the cheaper maker , but we are reliable and long lasting machine makers , that let the above listed advantages become reality.
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